How did The Nourish Shed get its Nanspiration?

1st September 2016

“Just. do. it” goes the old Nike adage, right? Stop procrastinating, get that ball rolling, pull your socks up, dive in and just start. Such was the self-encouragement for The Nourish Shed’s coming into existence and I am so glad we are finally here to say hello. Welcome to you!

I’ll have a lot of topics to cover here under the umbrella of wellbeing in all its forms. I’ve drawn on lots of years of a borderline unhealthy obsession with it plus much research, training and some expert help along the way.

Much of the inspiration comes from Grace, my nan, who is a fun, fierce and tiny (like really Kylie Minogue tiny) oracle on some of the subjects I will cover herewith.

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Here she is in the ’80s tambourine-wielding and lycra resplendent performing for her ‘sing-alongs’ group

Grace’s inspiration

Grace was one of the first in her day to teach yoga and meditation way before LuluLemon was dreaming up fancy pants for our Lotus positions and certainly way before stress was hip. She started teaching yoga in 1975, charging 30p a class, 30 British pence! Since then, she’s added Grief Counsellor, Beauty Queen of Dagenham, Master Gardener, Confidante and Compost Heap Expert to her resumé amongst much else. She’s shown no real signs of slowing down at 87, her wickedly sharp sense of humour still more than intact and only recently giving up on the headstands.

She started teaching yoga in 1975 charging 30p a class. 30 British pence!

Grace’s Garden

It’s in her garden where many an hour was spent and where her talent for listening and her cool and calm advice came alive and where some of the first seeds of inspiration for The Nourish Shed were born.

I can only hope you find the blog interesting, hopefully, learn a morsel, maybe have an occasional chortle or at the least a pleasant diversion. Either way, welcome and enjoy.


Here’s Grace singing about lonely petunias (this is not the constructive part).

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