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I loved love LOVED my magical facial with Ele. She has created a haven of blissful calm at the Nourish Shed, where the stresses of life are well and truly left at the door. My skin felt amazing and I was left feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated – which I could not be more thankful for as a busy working mum! I thought I was just in for a facial but it really was an all encompassing treatment with some head, neck and shoulder massage (amazing) as part of the phenomenal package.

Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you Ele – I will be telling everyone about you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SARAH, DULWICH

Gorgeous facial massage with the lovely Ele today. 24 hr my skin still looks brighter and more lifted, I may just be a facial massage convert!
Thanks Ele xxx


What a beautiful and relaxing experience! I’d forgotten about the sculpted cheekbones I had when I was a teenager and Ele not only reminded me of my structure but I noticed the next morning she had uncovered them too! I’m usually not very keen on facials but this was ideal for me – the massage and intentional acupressure left me feeling totally relaxed throughout my body in a state similar to reflexology or another holistic treatment. The room and atmosphere was light and beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I am very excited to go back very soon. xo


Having super sensitive skin and being the world’s worst person at relaxing, Ele had a challenge on her hands on Monday evening! Dealing with it like a true professional, she not only had me relaxed within minutes, but she also used products that my skin loved. As for the massage itself, it was incredible! Ele applied a variety of techniques that left my face feeling lighter and fresher than it has in a long time. I have already recommended Ele to a number of friends. Everyone could benefit from time on Ele’s table. I’ll definitely be going back for more!!


My life can be busy on the best of days leaving little time for r&r so when I do make time, I like to make it count. My facial rejuvenation treatment with Ele was just what I wanted and needed. She chose lovely organic oils to spoil my neglected skin followed by a really fantastic massage that left my skin plumped up and refreshed. A great balance for a truly relaxing experience. I will be rebooking without a doubt.


I’ve just come back from the most wonderful massage with Ele. From the cup of tea on arrival to the tips for releasing jaw-tension at home, quite simply a really great experience! Ele really listened to my particular problems and I’ve never felt so calm and relaxed. I’d highly recommend Ele to anyone in need of an hour’s TLC.


I had a fantastic experience at The Nourish Shed, for what will be my first of many appointments. The atmosphere was incredibly ambient and Ele really took the time to listen to my medical history / reasons for wanting a face massage and made me feel at ease and well supported. The products she used were organic, smelled incredible and were great for my sensitive skin. The face massage was the perfect level of pressure and definitely relaxed my very tense muscles in my face, jaw and head in the immediate term and for several days afterwards (for the first time in years). It was a very enjoyable experience and I’ll definitely be going back!


I had a lovely facial massage , very professional ,and very relaxing , I would highly recommend Ele


I feel relaxed & rejuvenated at the same time, thank you Ele, I feel so amazing. So happy to say that I am a convert to facial massage. Initially, I was dubious due to past experiences but I was blown away by Ele’s skills. Drifting in & out of sleep the combination of amazing pressure & different strokes it left me feeling deeply relaxed -I suffer from headaches but my head felt lighter with built up tension gone. My skin looked radiant and brighter too. Thanks so much


“Really loved my experience! The treatment room was warm and Ele was very welcoming. The massage was firm enough to feel like it was reducing the tension in my face. ( it had been a stressful week ! ) but was super relaxing. My skin looked better and 48 hours on has remained less winter ravaged! Would definitely recommend.”


“Ele’s facial massage was life-changing. I have battled with dry skin for years and had no idea that oils could be so much more effective long-term than standard face creams let alone the benefits of facial massage over standard more light-weight facials. The range of motions incorporated into the session was brilliant – light tapping, to heavier kneading to elements of head and neck massage – I never knew the benefits of such movements facially until I met Ele. The session left me feeling both relaxed and invigorated, with my skin looking noticeably plump and fresh afterwards. I would recommend The Nourish Shed without reserve.”


“Thanks so much for the treatment today Ele, I loved it. It was a fabulous combination of relaxation and rejuvenation with oil that seemed to brighten my skin. My face is glowing! I’ve never had a facial massage before but would thoroughly recommend it for relaxation and to enhance your skin.”


“Ele’s treatment was just the relaxation and revitalisation I needed. The winter months are drying on the skin and having a baby and toddler who don’t sleep has left me exhausted with dull feeling skin. Visiting The Nourish Shed was a real treat for me and I will certainly be returning in the new year!


I had an absolutely amazing face massage with the talented Ele today. I’d never been a huge fan of facials but this was entirely different. Where I usually come away feeling disappointed by the lack of pressure applied and ‘soft-touch’ approach, Ele was spot on – firm and relaxing, with the most divine scented oils and music. If you’re feeling run down or just want to up your wellbeing and reduce the wrinkles, I’d highly recommend an hour with Ele. I left feeling pretty damn fine!


The all natural products combined with Ele’s soothing yet reinvigorating touch left me feeling wholly relaxed, revitalised and rebalanced. What particularly impressed me was the multi-technique approaches (Indian and Japanese face massage, facial reflexology and acupressure) inspired by massage gurus the world over. I had a wonderful feeling that each cell of tissue had been cared for and brought alive in this soothing session. I would highly recommend taking a step into the calming ‘Nourish Shed’.


I had a wonderfully relaxing facial massage courtesy of The Nourish Shed. Can’t recommend enough. The products used and the scents of the oils were lovely, and my face felt and appeared more lifted’ and supple afterwards. The ambiance was also spot on. The beneficial effects accumulate the more you have these, so I need to get my block-booking in! Botox schmotox…