Rose Quartz Gua Sha Face Tool

16th November 2018


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This face tool from the Chinese medical treatment #guasha and exercises will give you a workout for those stiffened and often stress-worn 40+ facial muscles and 300+ facial pressure points as well as the facial meridian lines that relate to the rest of the body. A combination of #acupressure, lymphatic drainage and the circulation-boosting scraping strokes of the tool will melt away signs of puffy skin, stressed, tensed-up muscles, reduce heart rate and increase skin oxygenation and plumpness offering a rapid improvement in freedom of facial movement and priming your whole self for relaxation and some quality zzzzs.

Here’s how to use:
Step 1- Onto cleansed skin, add a drop of facial oil. I use Skinirvana delicate, just enough to provide enough slip for the tool so the skin does not get pulled or dragged. Start with the space in between your eyebrows (3rd eye)where you’ve a large, often tense, muscle and apply medium pressure onto the muscle, then draw the tool up to the hairline or across the eyebrow start to end, 5-10 times.
Step 2- Apply medium pressure to the sides of the nose (great for sinus congestion), then draw the tool up the cheek to the ear and apply light pressure to the temple, 5-10 times.
Step 3 – Apply medium pressure to the centre of the chin, then draw the tool up the jawline towards the earlobe and from the jawline up your cheeks to iron out cheek and #jawtension, 5-10 times
Then Bob’s your perky-faced aunty👀👵🏻💆‍♀️

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