All 60 minute natural lift facial massage treatments include:

– a 10 minute consultation / removing makeup / getting comfortable
– a 45 minute massage (to include face, neck, scalp and partial shoulder massage)
– 5 minutes after care

In the interests of time and to get the most from your treatments I advise you to arrive makeup free, though I provide organic cleansers if you will need to remove before your treatment.

During your consultation, I will ask you questions that help me fill in your Client Treatment Record. I keep this on file for any future appointments and this helps me assess if you are suitable for treatments, allows me to take your medical history, determine any need for special care and of course listen to what you wish to gain from your treatments.

Total and Partial Contraindications (when facial massage treatment is not recommended)

high temperature or fever
drunk or under the influence of other drugs
Infectious skin disorders such as chicken pox, colds, fever etc
contagious illness – cold sores, warts, flu, impetigo etc
local pain such as severe toothache
acute inflammation or swelling
severe bruising
severe acne, which may be sore
recent surgery on neck or face – usually within 6 months but depends on surgery (GP referral)
procedures such as botox in the previous 3 weeks (no problem after)
recent scar tissue
cuts and open wounds
sunburnt, hypersensitive or broken skin
high/low blood pressure: Clients with high blood pressure are more susceptible to forming blood clots: this is because blood vessel walls can become thicker over time allowing the blood to clot more easily in the narrower space within the artery.
diabetes: this condition can cause arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and oedema. Some clients can become Hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) during treatments. Diabetics can have thinner skin when being massaged and can be more susceptible to blood clotting. Patients should have medication with them during a massage as well as their blood testing kit and foodstuffs suchas glucose, sweets, biscuits etc (GP)
Cancer, HIV and other medical conditions: please contact your GP
– Pregnancy – I cannot treat you if you within the first 3 months of pregnancy or possibly longer if you have a history of miscarriage. If you have any concerns after your first trimester, please consult your GP and get advice on whether it is appropriate to have a facial massage. Providing no other medical concerns, massaging from 3 months on can help you and your baby to relax

If you have any doubts about suitability for treatment please consult your physician.


60 minute slot / 45 minute massage at The Nourish Shed – £60 

60 minute slot / 45 minute massage as a mobile therapist in BN7 / BN8 – £70

A package of 5 treatments for the price of 4 (£240 instead of £300) 

A package of 8 treatments for the price of 7 (£420 instead of  £480)

Please contact me for bespoke packages or locations.

N.B: Those receiving a massage may feel drowsy afterwards so it is advisable not to drive, operate machinery or drink alcohol straight after treatment.