What’s inside?

The Nourish Shed houses inspiration, a spot of breathing space and all-natural tools and advice for busy people to stay well and wondrous. Whether you need to shed your hectic day in our treatment room with one of our relaxing natural lift facial massages, stock up on sumptuous facial oils or you need a haven of health tips, you’ll find everything here from life’s natural wellbeing learnings from various cultures, product and service reviews, interviews, ingredient checks, detox tips, stress-management techniques and all types of adventures.


More about me and The Nourish Shed

As a babe in arms I suffered from bad eczema. Having spent years with the conventional meds doing close to nothing, it was age 6 when we queued up in the early hours of the morning in Soho to see a well-known Chinese herbalist.  The horrific tasting brown gloop that was boiled up and gulped down with a wince then cleared up my eczema entirely in just under a week. This was the start of my intrigue into holistic health.

I’ve now done nigh on 20 years of pursuing a growing interest in naturopathy and wellbeing in all its forms. This has ranged from reading to chatting to (*interrogating) brands, therapists, scientists, teachers, experts and academics on many topics.  I’ve also done an array of courses on herbal medicine, botany, Ayurveda, naturopathic nutrition, Chinese medicine, natural skincare and most recently my diploma in natural lift facial massage.

There were so many prompts to start this site ranging from cancer in my immediate family, working at a large French pharmaceutical company (I urge you to read Bad Pharma immediately) and seeing the effects that modern-life can have on the mind and body if we don’t act and engage in self-care. My nan too has been an inspiration in the hatching of this site, and still is, growing all and sundry in her glorious garden, in an organic, unadulterated a way as possible, as well as lending a well-trained ear and much advice.

I’ve a diploma in organic skincare formulation with distinction and I am qualified with an accredited diploma in natural facial rejuvenation/natural lift facial massage.

I’m a bit of a traveller and explorer, I’ve been to a fair few parts of the globe and have been really inspired by the wellbeing practices I’ve seen around the world, be that ayurvedic practice, Chinese medicine, naturopathic techniques and so much more.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!